Transportation YOU DC Youth Summit 2016

Mentor/Protégé pair Danielle Stanton and Ashley Taylor represented the Chapter at this year’s WTS Transportation YOU DC Youth Summit held from June 22-26 in Washington, D.C. The event brought together 22 high school girls and their mentors from all across the country for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet top officials in the U.S. Department of Transportation, take exclusive project tours, and work on exciting team challenges.

“The DC summit was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” said Ashley, who attended the DC Summit as a protégé in our chapter’s Transportation YOU mentoring program. In the fall, Ashley will be entering 11th grade at Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland. She is also a participant in Girls Inc.’s Eureka! STEM education program. The DC Summit was Ashley’s first trip to Washington D.C.

“I enjoyed all of the monuments we got to see and the different women we got to talk to that are in the different fields of transportation,” she said.

For Danielle, who coordinates the Eureka! Program at Girls Inc., a major highlight of the trip was the girls’ challenge project. The girls were given scenarios and had to determine the best way for the subject to get to and from work. They had to consider CO2 emissions, cost, and time. They were given equations to determine the outcomes of the given factors and presented their findings to the group with a PowerPoint presentation. The girls also interviewed local professionals and received insight as to how they commute to work, and included this information in their presentations.

“The girls’ challenge project was a great way to immerse them into the reality of transportation in the DC Metro area,” said Danielle.TYOU

During the summit, the pairs used various modes of transportation to travel to monuments all over the city. They also participated in a scavenger hunt throughout their trip. They located several transportation-related items and took pictures that they later included in their PowerPoint presentations.

“Being able to experience the different modes of transportation throughout the trip was a nice way of tying the purpose of the trip together with the importance of how we all utilize transportation,” said Danielle.

“I encourage all women to take advantage of the opportunity,” Ashley said. “I have a strong feeling that they will not regret this experience.”

The DC Summit occurs annually in June and is attended by Transportation YOU mentor/protégé pairs. If you’d like to attend next year, please contact Charmine Solla at to find out more about how to participate in our Chapter’s Transportation YOU mentoring program.